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The Calm Before... by MightyDangLo The Calm Before... by MightyDangLo
I wanted to do something like "March Of The Penguins", but different and without penguins. This one was made to fit between the first one and the last one I did for this. If I was telling a story, this would be the arc of it.

It's been a blast being part of such a great collection of ideas. Best of luck to everyone in this.
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Marcospace Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2011
Great work!
CockyCrow Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2008
Really nice dude! :D
scosborne Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
woooooo, your work is fucken awesome, true dedication, and plus, it really captures the essence of the album
SSJBROLY Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
i wanted to enter the contest but didnt and im glad cause this would have buried me lol
A-n-W Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2007
AMAZING! :headbang:
MegaCatZero Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2007
Awesome Job o____O Lucky because it's in the actual CD and the CD box!!
cburton Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2007
right on dude, cant believe its on the new album cover
Jimcus Featured By Owner May 14, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice work, nice to see this picture gracing my 'United Abominations' CD! :D
hcaep Featured By Owner May 2, 2007  Professional General Artist
This is a great peice. Truly amazing work. It's kind of wierd though how part II has ten times as many hits as Part I ??? (well at least for now anyway) Personally between the two, I think this one has a better composition.
Looking forward to seeing mor of your stuff
HourOfReckoning Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2007
this is really cool.
HourOfReckoning Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2007
this is really cool.
Keith-Killer Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2006
Steelpengu Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Okay, now I know I faved and commented on this. I could swear I did. I saw it and thought it was the most bad ass entry I'd ever seen. Sonuvabitch. I hate it when that happens. Anyway, this vic just owns all. It's just got the attitude. I dunno if it's very Megadeth, got more an Iron Maiden/ Children of Bodom feel with the gothic fantasy flavor. But it still kicks more ass than a six pack of Chuck Norris.
Verwildert Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That is astounding! I love the textures, the perspective and the idea.. however, I must admit I don't see much "march of the penguins" in this. ;P
Pure Awesome.
Kruszewski Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2006
Marvelous work, even though it's for the contests, I see no reason why this couldn't be associated with something amazingly fantasy or sci-fi related...
This brings back so many memories for the arch-heroes and the arch-villans and all of my favorite stories, and ever some that i made up for myself. the compostiion of it all is very well done too, the zoomed in face gives it a less evil quality and a more anti-hero sort of thing, like spawn or blade.

awesome work, total fave, you have some serious talent.
DudeAintRight Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2006
--I wanted to do something like "March Of The Penguins", but different and without penguins. --

11001001 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2006
From an old 80's Megadeth fan: "We are not worthy" X
Samureye-I-Am Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2006
wow. definitly a fav, you mad Vic look just so badass....
mirrorkills Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
absolutely gorgeous work..
sidetracked Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
best one ... hands down. I'd go on, but clearly you know what you're donig so I dunno what I could even say...
Yigark Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2006
this is so great design...muy buena suerte en el contest
augustoffline Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2006
Very cool idea. =)
Malleus-Verglas Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2006
This is very good indeed, a great redesign.
Like the whole reaper type idea...
BassDerek Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2006  Professional Photographer
I like that this actually does more of a redesign, not just a simple change or two
cindyplaysacutejem Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2006
BEAUTIFUL, indescribable in words really. who knew vic could be such a strangely attractive sightless, soundless and wordless man.
IXIShadowIXI Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2006
Amazing. I hope this wins...
aash Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2006  Professional Filmographer
Quite interesting...
TorGott Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2006
Thats simply the most professional and astonishing work I have found at this contest. Really brilliant, everything seems to be perfect, the colors, the composition, the pose, the detail ... really, really great.

The only bad thing is the design idee. Don't get me wrong, I really like your design, but it looks like fantasy ... and that doesn't siut megadeth well. But hey, I'm not the one in the Jury ... I wish you great luck with your image, because you really deserve a high rank at this contest!

Awesome work!
ValiantDeftone Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2006
awesome. that's intense. :+fav:
Lord-Pagano Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2006   Artisan Crafter
Incredible, My Favourite
tuful Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
very good image
emoreunion Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2006   Writer
Excellant wish i could even dream of drawing like that.


Cheers, Bryce
HIELONEGRO Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2006   Digital Artist
Congratulations, really I think is the best image created around this game :) great job guy, you have convinced me to don't upload my work, will not finish it, I'll vote for you man, really amazing, I think this is the right image they are looking for.
Tinus22 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2006
That looks good..
chuppyhead Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2006
wow! this is a real challenger!! good luck!! this might go far!
peach200 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2006   Photographer
best idea yet in the whole comp. +fav
mindsiphon Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2006   Digital Artist
Great character design and nicely executed. +fav
astarot Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2006
it look much more like mortiis instead of megadeth but nice one.
Daimera Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2006
The texture in this is just... beautiful.
Migueltreze Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2006
Uau. Amazing work
Reidyn Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2006
Oh that is so freakin' awesome... Best of luck on the contest!
rainingbleach Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

great work good luck!

rachelab74 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:clap: this is awesome!! Love it!! Good luck!!
SplitSecondStudio Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2006
one amazing piece dude.....fuckin awesome. might be too far from the old vic, but nontheless, truly a work of art.

if someone didnt know about megadeth, or even this contest, they would be blown away.
fogimages Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2006
This is fuckin awesome dude!..I am lovin ur idea with this!
fading38 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2006  Professional General Artist
This is absolutely the best work I have seen. Dam this is good. Makes want to remove my pathetic attempt. All Hail!!!!
surflizard69 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2006
yet another onr that i like that youve done, great work, amazing detail, keep it up!
getinked024 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2006
i'd have to agree, i love your character design. looks like some very dark anti-hero
PorkMasterGeneral Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2006
Amazing work. So much detail.
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